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Free Web3 Report - By Dancing Seahorse

Jun 26, 2023



The world of "web3" (What does that even mean, anyway?)can be a confusing one, with the landscape changing daily as the market ebbs and flows, and companies dip their toes in the water. So from the newbies to seasoned veterans, we have something for you in this free report brought to you byDancing Seahorse.

If you're new here, web3 in the simplest terms is the latest evolution of the internet. If web1 was the computer, web2social media and apps, web3 is NFTs and Cryptocurrency, AI and the metaverse. Although we saw a lot of hype with digital collectibles when the first wave of web3 hit in March 2021, the technology behind these generative collections and famous PFP's (Picture for proof or profile picture) and the utility that they offer are what is here to stay.

Initially being just a space for de-gens (Degenerates, a title affectionately coined by their own community), we are now starting to see mass adoption with companies like Adidas and Nike diving in to digital wearables for metaverse avatars and "phygital" pieces that allow you to receive IRL (In real life) shoes and apparel after purchasing their NFT.

Let's take a look at who else is getting involved in web3 with major news this month.

Web3 News Superchat lets you message historical and fictional characters via ChatGPT

Taking "who would you have to dinner, dead or alive?" to a new level, Superchat is allowing users to chat with their idols via their application that is available now in the app store.

AI creates a collab track between Drake and The Weeknd
And it's not bad! listen to a live reaction video here

Musk reveals he is developing a ChatGPT rival “TruthGPT"
This truth-seeking AI, as per Musk, will also push back against what he perceives as “left-wing” bias in the industry.

Adidas & Alts
ALTS by Adidas is the third phase in Adidas’ Web3 roadmap and essentially constitutes as a personalized, token-gated Web3 loyalty program.

HUG Raises $5M Seed Round to Build Creator-First Commerce for Artists
Randi Zuckerberg's social marketplace HUG revealed that L’Oréal’s Bold Corporate Venture Fund have also joined as strategic advisors.

Nike and .swoosh
Nike revealed their first web3 platform .swoosh will be launching their first NFT collection in May.

Who to watch in Web3: 2023

From NFT artists to hosts with their pulse on the news, who are we watching make waves in web3 this year so far?


From collaborating with Paris Hilton to making a custom piece for the Getty Museum (In under 2 years of being a full-time artist), WARHODL is an LA artist worth keeping an eye on.


This Web3 marketing strategist has been announced to speak at the upcoming Crypto Tulum and is working with giants in the space, such as TIME magazine and Wunks NFT. Booking info can be found here.


If you want informative but entertaining news, and hear live conversation on web3 topics, turn Leap's notifications on. His Twitter Spaces not only garner thousands of listeners, but feature guest appearances by notable names in the web3 world that are worth watching also.

That is all for now, check back in for more web3 updates soon and make sure to follow DancingSeahorse and Nova3 on socials!

Written by:

Kelly Pantaleoni


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